Art The Importance Of The Italian Renaissance

Art The Importance Of The Italian Renaissance

An extremely important time in art was during the renaissance. In particular the Italian renaissance which was the start of the entire period brought a change in culture, poetry, music and art. This time period was a time of rebirth in which old beliefs and ideas were challenged by new ones. This was a time of transition that would bring humans from the medieval times into modern Europe.

Some of the world's finest masterpieces were created during the renaissance and much of this work was created in Italy as the center of the Renaissance was first Florence and Siena and then later Venice. The new ideas that came about during the Renaissance quickly spread throughout the rest of Europe even after the Italian renaissance finished.

Some of the art world's great masters produced work during the Italian Renaissance and much of the paintings and sculpture have influenced today's modern artists. Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Perugino, Piero della Francesca, Giotto di Bondone, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Ghirlandaio and Masaccio all created works of art that are greatly valued to this day.

There were many stylistic changes that occurred in the art world during the Renaissance. One of the most important was that three dimension objects were depicted realistically instead of skewed. This was noticeably different as humans were painted in proportion instead of with elongated faces or longer arms and legs, as the prior art period much of the human form was changed to appear more beautiful. This realism is a pivotal point in art history.

Other changes included changes in perspective as most landscapes and forms were now correctly depicted on a two dimensional canvas as in their true 3 dimensional form. These new techniques also created a large amount of literature on the nature of new renaissance ideas and techniques.

The use of light was also used differently as many painters changed how they used dark and light. Many of the portraits done by Titian are an excellent example of this play of light. During the renaissance the subject matter of art also included non-religious subject matter such as mythology. The Birth of Venus by Botticelli is a great example of mythology artwork.

How sculptures positioned their subjects also brought about what is known as classical poses. Raphael developed the contrapostopose and also created the first free standing sculpture. These classic poses gave more of an emotional intensity to the subject and also were more realistic. Many Renaissance sculptures also captured figures in motion.

Architecture also utilized the principles behind the Renaissance. Buildings constructed during the Renaissance concentrated on using light and creating space to provide enlightenment and clarity. Additionally many of the Renaissance artists contributed to the buildings as many sculptures and paintings are found on and in the churches and other grand buildings.

The Renaissance is an exceptional time where new ideas where producing some of the most important works of art. This rebirth of culture and society was an extraordinary time in which many of the ideas and principles are still used. Much of the renaissance still influences artists and individuals.

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